Saturday, August 9, 2008

Ubuntu/Linux U2U Mini #1: Flock 2.0 Beta

Have you tried this program yet? It's what got me to start blogging because it makes it so easy to do. I'm blogging this from Flock right now. It's based off of Firefox 3. I have a few issues with Firefox 3 crashing randomly, but the features of Flock far outweigh the occasional freeze or crash. I think it does so because of Flash anyway.

If you're on Ubuntu and you're trying to find a DEB you won't find one. All you do is, and this is similar to Songbird 0.6.1, download the tar.gz file, expand it, save it to a special place where uninstalled apps go (I put mine in /home/user/Software/flock/) and double click on the flock-browser icon. It'll ask you if you want to "Run in Terminal" (if you want to see what it's doing), "Display" the contents of the file (probably don't want to do this), "Cancel", or "Run". Click Run. You may also want to create a launcher of it as well and put that in the panel or on the desktop (or wherever you launch apps from).

That's it. But I wish that as long as Synaptic Package Manager exists there was a way to install by way of a DEB. But this is fine. It just isn't as elegant as how Mac OS X does it with apps you "install" on a Mac. At least apps on the Mac can have icons by themselves. And they're packages too so everything is self contained and can be run from any point on the hard drive. I wish the Linux dev community would do something like that.

Anyway, Flock 2.0 Beta. Good. Just keep in mind it's in beta. So don't complain if it gives you problems. Beta software is like that. And beta software is one instance where reporting bugs is encouraged.
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