Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Week 4 of college life

Yeah, I'm late in posting this, but I have to mention this at least once. I'm enrolled in Rasmussen College of Business (or School of Business or whatever they're calling themselves now) and I couldn't be more happy. Well, I could if I'm hired by a studio after this.That would make my day.

I'm taking a Multimedia Technology course which is a 4 year A.A.S. degree. So far it's started out very well and I'm having a lot of fun. I'm also taking English Composition and I'm burning my brain out on it. I've never been a formal writer really. But I hope I get better. At the very least to pass the course, at the most to actually learn how to write a story so I can write my own comic book. See how those two compliment each other? I'm also taking Success Strategies and that is an online course; A course that is so much a breeze I wonder if I'm doing it right. I'm getting good grades so I must be...

First quarter so far. I expect to graduate in 2014. They always say make sure you plan for an on-time graduation. I'm not sure what they mean by that exactly, they're kinda cryptic, but to me all that means (if I'm interpreting it right) is ace your courses and take responsibility for any costs and obligations and you'll graduate. Cake. With chocolate frosting and sprinkles on top. Easy. Just do it. I wondered why they make it sound so hard for people to do, but I notice as time goes on I see which students are taking it seriously and professionally and which are simply not showing up (still treating it like high school). So that's what they must be indirectly referring to. And it helps if you're interested in what you're learning. If you're not then it'll be a struggle.

I hope it's like this still in 3 years or 4 years. I'm having so much fun. And I get a "free" software package. I say "free" in quotes because we all know it's not really free unless the government grants (the money you don't have to pay back) cover it. If it's covered by loans, you'll pay, it's just over a length of time. lol I just hope my loans cover it all and I can pay some of it back in time to keep a good credit score. But I get Adobe CS5 Master Collection! WOO! And of course the obligatory Microsoft Office 2008 which I'm becoming more and more used to.

Well, wish me luck! I need some extra luck along with hard work just to push me over the top (or fling me so far over the top I'll need a parachute to come back to the top). :)

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