Friday, September 17, 2010

Fun with Google Scribe

When you start with "A" and then continue with the space bar and chose the first suggestion every time, what kind of sentence structure do you get?

You get this:

"A new study finds that the proposed method is based on the seller 's handling of the case and the relevant law and any other information that results from a study of the effects of the drug in the treatment of the subject areas below and select the most appropriate way to deal w ith th e in for rm a t i o n s o r e a s t e m p l e t e r n a t i o n s o r e a s t e m p l e"

After a while it breaks down to single letters that seem to form spaced out words that run into each other. It continues like that in a repeating pattern. Very interesting.

Start with other letters, numbers or symbols and see what you get.

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