Sunday, November 23, 2008

Wow, troll sighted on my own profile page.

I hadn't had a good reason to post to my blog in a while (I try to keep it geek and tech oriented), but here's something. On my Wikipedia profile page I apparently was enough of a sore thumb for someone to take time out of their "busy" lives to troll me. I dunno why or for what reason, I barely even edit Wikipedia. I feel so special. lol

What do you think I should do? Ignore it? Delete it? It's kind of amusing how he feels the need to do this (hence why I had to share). I mean, who am I? Some random schmo on Wikipedia who isn't even that active there. Here's my response to him. Maybe I can get this to keep going and have a little fun too.

[UPDATE] Ah, I get what happened. That's the welcome post. It's still funny. How did the troll even find me? I don't know how that part of Wikipedia works I guess. I suppose I could feel like an idiot myself for being fooled like that, but I still keep thinking how funny it is that somebody felt the need to troll li'l ol' me. lol

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