Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Where are phone designs going?

Well, after watching a couple podcasts where there were scenes with people using the ubiquitous iPhone I got to thinking. Man, iPhones look big compared to what you'd expect a cell phone to look like. What's the acceptable size of a phone anyway? Then I asked, what's the acceptable size of a phone with a touch screen? Probably the size of an iPhone I guess. A phone without a touch screen? Of course maybe a candybar type phone. One with a QWERTY keyboard? A comfortable shape would be similar to a Blackberry I guess. But what about in the future when tech innards get smaller and the need for touch screens and keyboards go away and everything is voice activated and controlled in a reliable fashion? Would you be happy to see the keyboard go away and just dictate with 100% perfection a text message to someone? What about calling? Dialing/typing in a number is pretty cumbersome when compared to just telling the phone to call someone is easier. When everything is intuitive, what will the phone look like? And would we care about touch screens anymore? Would we care about many of the outward technology that is pretty much dependent on how small manufacturers can get the innards to become? Then I did what I love doing. Based on that premise I drew what I thought a phone might look like without all that baggage. Something even Steve Jobs might say "Daayyyyum!" about. :) Or at least might be a cool prop in a futuristic movie.
Small as a pencil, one button for actions involving voice activation, on one end is a headset/interface port, the other end has the docking surface contacts.

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